The SEO update of Google Phantom 5

The SEO update of Google Phantom 5

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Our early studies of Google’s February 7, 2017 algorithm update are both suggesting this was a “Phantom” quality update. Experts are calling it Google Phantom V and Google Phantom 5 Update. At the beginning of February 2017, especially on the 7th, Google made an important update of its core search algorithm, with big impacts for some sites. In the absence of official announcement, the world of SEO talks about the update “Phantom 5” and Phantom V whose characteristics are as follows.

February 7th Google update that seemed really big so big that recognized industry experts asked Google to confirm it which they said no comment. And when Google gives a no comment, that is where folks with lots of data come in.

Glenn Gabe posted his deep analysis of this update calling this update more like the Panda algorithm or Phantom update. Note It, Google never confirmed any of the Phantom update and said they won’t confirm future Panda updates. So we are left thinking this is probably one of those or something new, but not related to links as I said originally but more related to content quality.

Search Metrics also posted analysis of this calling this the Phantom 5 update. Of course, they have no way to confirm it is Phantom because Google wouldn’t comment on this February 7th update nor has Google ever called anything Phantom. Phantom, the name, I believe was made up by Glenn.

We have already seen several unofficial updates of the Google algorithm that seem to affect the quality assessment (in addition to Panda): they are grouped in the “Phantom family”.

After Phantom 2 in May 2015, Phantom 3 in November 2015 and the 4 in June 2016, here is Phantom 5 in February 7, 2017!

We’re in the midst of analyzing this Google update. If your site has fallen sharply, give us your website url via contact form , We will analyze your website and try to find out what to fix on your site.

For now Here at Get Found Locally Online approaching the conclusions of other specialists (eg Glen Gabbe or SearchMetrics ). As with other “Phantom” updates, it seems that the Google algorithm is getting better and better at estimating the user’s satisfaction level.

Here are the ideas of Search Metrics:

  1. Phantom focuses on “quality of content (which requires a complex evaluation).
  2. The algorithm works URL by URL: its impact is at the level of individual pages, or directories, but not entire sites.
  3. Deployment may take several weeks.
  4. The big brands are often among the winners (or the losers!), Probably because it concerns a lot the marks requests.
  5. Sites are often “impacted” by several algorithms or updates, and sometimes as both winners and losers.
  6. The big changes are often related to trademarks or long head quests ( head keywords ).
  7. User-related criteria appear to play a role in quality assessment. In particular, the intention of the user is a major aspect.
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