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Online Shopping Customer Service and Satisfaction

The Key to Ecommerce Differentiation: Customer Service and Satisfaction

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The growth of online retail in emerging markets will fuel global ecommerce sales, which are projected to pass the two trillion dollar mark in 2017. Anything and everything is available on the Internet – remember the guy who tried to sell his soul on Ebay many years back? If you search for something, you will […]

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30 Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should

How Does Google Deal with Repeated Spam and Tactics to Avoid

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Google’s Search Quality Team’s Opinion about Repeated Violations of Webmaster Guidelines is that if a website Repeatedly Violates Google Webmaster Guideline will lead to stronger penalties. It is very important that website owner and SEOs avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques and only use ethical optimization methods that Comply by the Google Guidelines if you want […]

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Get Found by Local Online Search

6 Ways to Get Your Business Found by Local Online Searchers

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If you are like most Local Business and Small Business, the success of your business is dependent on attracting local customers, whether they are in your region, state, county or even town. While it’s great to see that your website is pulling in visitors from around the country and maybe even around the world, you […]

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