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12 Actionable Tips on Using Pinterest for your Local Business

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Are you using Pinterest for your local business? Would you like to attract an audience who could visit your local business storefront, restaurant, service business, or event center and become your next customers?

The challenge for local businesses on Pinterest is that people from anywhere can find your pins, repin them, like them, and visit your business site. But if your business is in San Jose, California and the pinner is in Hawaii, all their admiration won’t do you a whole lot of good (unless they’re planning a vacation).

However, with just a few tweaks to your pinning strategy, you can attract more people in your geographical area to your pins and your business. In this article, you’ll learn 12 Actionable Tips on Using Pinterest for your Local Business.

12 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Local Business

#1: Add Your Location or Service Area to Your Pinterest Profile

Along with your keyword-rich explanation of what you do, what you offer and what you pin, make sure to mention your service area or where your business is located. In your profile settings, simply add your business location. If you need to add more keyword-centric cues to your location, feel free to do so in the “about you” section. This will help you be found in Pinterest search results for your area and it lets people know if you are close enough to them for them to visit or engage your services.

Make sure to enter your actual business location and then add more geographical cues in the “About you” section (think “Northern District of California”) and consider whether your followers might appreciate the extra hint.

NOTE: This is especially helpful if you are a franchisee! This may seem an obvious step, but you might be surprised how many local businesses leave this out. Are you a Carpet Cleaner looking to attract new business? How will I know if you’re close enough to hire if you don’t tell me where you are and how far you travel? Make it easy for people to find you and buy service from you.

#2: Add Your Business NAP Information in Pin Descriptions

Adding your Local Business Name, Address, and Phone Number in individual pins can help people find you when they do a search – on Pinterest or on Google. That’s right, pins (as well as boards and user profiles) can be indexed by Google! Simply include your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number and state name in a board or two as well as any applicable pins. If you serve several areas or your area is known by several names, have a board for any location people might search. It’s perfectly fine to have more than one board with similar pins.

Pinterest boards, pins, and user profiles can be indexed in Google search results. Add locations to be Get Found by Local Online Searchers! Pinterest is guarded about the exact number of searches performed annually on its platform, but with 150 million active users , you can be sure it’s significant. Full Pinterest Statistics:

  1. Total Number of Monthly Active Pinterest Users: 150 million (source) Last updated: 1/23/17
  2. Number of Pinterest Users from the US: 70 million Last updated: 1/23/17
  3. Number of Pinterest Users from Outside US: 80 million Last updated: 1/23/17
  4. Total Number of Pinterest Pins: 50 billion+
  5. Total Number of Pinterest Boards: 1 billion+
  6. Total Number of Pinterest Users who save Shopping Pins on Boards Daily: 2 million
  7. Pinterest Market Value: $11 Billion+

Impressive Statistics Right? So, Wherever appropriate, add your local business NAP information, and pin descriptions.

#3 Engage Locally

Pinterest is more than just a search and discovery platform than a true social media platfom. However, there are social elements that allow you to stand out from the crowd of solitary shoppers and pin collectors!

Are your customers or business partners frequently use Pinterest? Search for them on Pinterest, but if you don’t find them check their websites for Pinterest link. Follow their boards. Like, repin, and comment on their pins. It is very likely that they will return the favor – exposing your pins to their fans too.

Make it a point to do this several times a week with various businesses. You never know when you’ll get the attention of someone who can help you promote your business in turn.

# Be a Local Resource

Become a information resource for people searching for businesses, venues, or services in your local area. To create a board like this, you could start with a Google search for the types of businesses you want to feature in the area that’s near you. Or, you could start from a review site such as Angie’s List, Choice, or Yelp to make sure you’re pinning places and businesses that are likely to be a great find for pinners.

Another way to take advantage of the search components of Pinterest, this method of becoming a resource also increases your networking power. If you get a good response from someone whose content you have pinned, you could even invite them to contribute to the board. They may have all sorts of great local resources to share – and your reach will increase in the process. You might also find local group boards and ask to be added as a contributor.

# Use Place Pins

Place pins show up on a map of local places (expanding your reach) and can perform well in search.

Place pins were originally created by Pinterest as a way to help users plan trips. But there’s no reason you can’t create a board with your favorite local places! These pins work with Foursquare and the Foursquare logo and the location name will often superseded your rich pin information including your own branding and the page title, so you might not want to make every local pin a place pin. However, they can show up well in search, so it’s worth experimenting with them.

Place pins use Foursquare, and their branding will replace yours. At left a Wedding Wire pin shows their branding and chosen title. At right, Foursquare overtakes this. So, aim for a mix of place pins and regular pins to grow your brand awareness.

Create your pin, then edit it to add a place – it may be a specific spot, like this Farmers’ Market, or, if the specific place is not on Foursquare, you can add it (from Foursquare) or just choose the city and state. To create a place pin, pin something and then edit the pin. In the “place” field, start typing in the name of the location. If the business or attraction is not on Foursquare, you can usually find the town and state and just use that.

Place pins are another means to improving your chances of being found in search, and serve to build your reputation as an authority on your local area – making you someone people want to follow!

# Target Your Promoted Pins By Geographical Area

The ability to use promoted pins is now available to all US pinners – and even to Canadian pinners with a US credit card.

This is GREAT news for local businesses. Now you can make sure even MORE local people see your content. As of today, promoted pins can be targeted to 210 US and 147 Canadian cities. You may not need to target JUST your local area, however.

If you have a wedding venue in Norway, Maine, you might know that many of your couples come from greater NYC and Ohio. Capitalize on your deeper understanding of your best customers and promote pins accordingly.

Choose from 210 US and 147 Canadian cities when you promote your pins on Pinterest. You can target just your local area, or if you know that many people travel from New York to your Maine wedding venue, target them!

You’ll also want to make sure you tailor your promoted pin’s content and keywords to each area you target. For example, if you’re targeting pinners who live in your town, you can use words that the locals use in both your pin descriptions and targeted keywords. If you’re hoping to reach one of the many New Yorkers who flood your town in the summer, use language that they use to appeal to them. While a local might use, “Norway, Maine wedding venue” someone from away might look for “New England wedding barn.”

Targeting your pins this way and optimizing descriptions for the search habits of your target audience will help you get more for your promoted pin investment and help more of the people who might buy from you find you on Pinterest.

# Pin the Local

Things! Increasing your local focus on Pinterest will bring in more qualified traffic, leads and ultimately sales to your local business. Follow these six tips and you’ll start to realize the power of Pinterest for your local business.

# Add pin-friendly tools to your website

Just as Facebook has buttons for following and liking content, Pinterest provides follow buttons and “Pin it” buttons. You can use these tools on your small business website to encourage visitors to post your content to their own Pinterest boards. This will help increasing your presence on Pinterest.

# Search Hashtags

Search via hashtags of popular industry terms to find more users to follow, pin from, or connect with.

# Pin Related Infographics and Charts

Studies have shown that the more space a pin takes up the more likely it is to get pinned. So look for infographics or useful (and colorful) charts you can pin.

# Brand your pins

If you’re getting a lot of re-pins, it makes sense to insert a small amount of branding into your content. Inserting your logo or business website URL into a corner of your pins can help you raise visibility without discouraging repinning.

# Host a Contests

An contests can help you increase your visibility follower numbers. On Pinterest, contests are called “Pin It to Win It,” and the idea is just what it sounds like: users repin your content on their boards for a chance to win a prize. Companies like Campbell’s Soup, Volkswagen, and Macy’s have run highly successful contests on Pinterest.

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